At CCV, we believe in the importance of generating power from renewable resources. Our team members are committed to increasing the availability of clean, renewable energy in North America and around the World.


With our strong roots in real estate development, our process stresses maintaining the utmost regard for the local community. By keeping the local residents and businesses involved, we ensure that the interests of the local community are considered during the development and construction processes.

CCV delivers value through its own in-house project developments, as well as through our consulting practice:​


CCV's in-house development is conducted by our subsidiary Global Wind Energy (GWE). GWE's main offices are located in Seoul, South Korea and Seattle, Washington. Currently, we have projects active in Chile, South Korea, China, and the United States

We have extensive experience in renewable energy development, including, project finance, construction management, landowner relations, permitting, and regulatory guidance & adherence. This allows the company to blend its financial, legal, and commercial expertise to develop and construct first-in-class renewable energy projects.

Our passionate and experienced team has a hands-on approach project development, which allows them to work fully integrated with the local community and landowners.

Our team utilizes its expertise to develop renewable energy projects in both the developed and developing markets. While we develop some projects from the ground up, we also partner with small local developers and bring our expertise and financing resources to develop bankable, investment-grade projects.


CCV actively seeks partnerships with local developers around the world. We are seeking late-stage projects that require a financial partner or to sell the project outright. As with our in-house developments, we bring our Development Team, Construction Management Team, and the Financing Group to each partnership project. We then apply our in-house processes to ensure the projects meet the highest industry standards and all risks are fully accounted for and mitigated.

For every partnership project, our Development Team thoroughly evaluates each project to identify areas of risk, and conducts all required steps to reach construction-ready status, while also ensuring all studies as require by financial institutions have been completed. Next, the Construction Management Team selects and overseas the best-fit EPC to construct the project in each locale, supervising the construction on the ground. Lastly, our Financing Group identifies the best fit investment option that can fund each project, and arranges the sale and transfer of each project to the ultimate owner/operator.

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